Benefits of Using Salt Lamps

It is possible to clean your house by using a salt lamp.  You home's air can be cleaned with the help of a Himalayan salt crystal lamp.

If you consider all the kinds of lamps that you can possibly have, the salt lamp will be the most important lamp your can have.  With a salt lamp, the health and wellness of every individual living in your home is promoted.  The sale lamp is recognized for its air-cleaning ability aside from its aesthetics.  

A rock salt lamp is a natural chunk of salt rock taken from the mines found in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.  With their thousand year existence, the salt supply has gathered many minerals within.  And this is the reason why every piece of salt rock taken from these mountains have a great amount of minerals in them which have accumulated through the years.  These minerals are effective in helping to ionize the air.

It is not so difficult to make a salt lamp; you only need a chunk of salt rock which is shaped and mounted on a wooden base, then drilled to form a hole where you can put a light bulb or a candle.  There are many different sizes and shapes of salt lamps that give you variety.  The heat emitted by the bulb or the flame of the candle would cause the salt lamp to emit negatively charged ions.  These negative ions then help produce cleaner air.

Whap happens to the air when the salt lamp is lit?  Air surrounding us is composed of many different elements.  There are many dust particles in the air which are pollutant ions that our eyes cannot see.  Pollutants make up most of the air particles and they are positively charged ions.  The positive ions are then neutralized by the negatives ions emitted by the salt lamp.  These neutralized substances are eliminated from normal air circulation because they get heavy and fall.  And when they are out of air circulation, air pollution is eliminated.  


The concentration and breathing of individuals at home can be affected by electro-smog which are emitted by electronic devices we use at home.  Ironically, there are many mechanical air ionizers that are meant to clean the air but actually product pollution of their own.   Electro-smog can also be repressed by using salt lamps.  Electro-smog produced by electronic devices such as computers can be eliminated with the use of salt lamps.

Salt lamps with himalayan salt candle holder give us a clean environment which will encourage health and wellness, and they also complement the natural look of your home.  Ailments and allergies are kept at bay with the use of a salt lamp, thus enhancing the health of individuals.  If you want to boost the health of your family in an inexpensive way, use a salt lamp.

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